Since DSB Bank was declared insolvent on 19 October 2009, bankruptcy trustees have been responsible for the implementation of the insolvency procedures. All of the bank’s activities are being continued except that DSB Bank grants no new loans and no longer provides advisory or payment services.

As at year-end 2018 DSB Bank’s loan portfolio amounted to approximately € 2,6 billion, with about 50.000 borrowers.

Information on the insolvency

On this website general information is published about the insolvency, such as insolvency reports covering progress with the insolvency procedures and the annual financial reports. You can access these reports by clicking on 'Insolvency information' in the navigation bar above. Specific information provided by the bankruptcy trustees regarding the status of your claim in the insolvency can be found by clicking here or on the ‘My claim’ button on the right.

Offer by the bankruptcy trustees

Creditors of DSB Bank have received an offer from the bankruptcy trustees to settle the remaining amount of their claim by payment in full in return for a waiver of any future interest claims and/or claims against certain third parties. More than 96 % of the creditors have accepted this offer. Information relating to the offer can be found by clicking here or on the ‘Offer’ button on the right.

We trust you will be able to find the information you need on this website. There is no English translation available on the Offer. Should you have further questions, please contact DSB Bank.



R.J. Schimmelpenninck, bankruptcy trustee      B.F.M. Knüppe, bankruptcy trustee